Hallmark Worthy Christmas Décor on a Dime

So you want your place to look like it just jumped out of a Hallmark movie but you’re bank account would rather not.  Trust me, I know what you mean.  How can you create a winter wonderland when you’re struggling just to make rent?  These cheap little hacks are perfect for the winter wonderland you’re dreaming of without the costs you’re dreading.

Garland = the cure all for Christmas | I am completely convinced that garland is the magic key to making the Christmas mood in a Hallmark movie.  If you’re going to spend a little more on one item, make it garland.  Buy it plain to save a couple bucks and add lights or dollar store add-ons to design it how you like! Here is one that I found that won’t totally break the bank, but is way nicer quality than the dollar store.


When in doubt, wrap it up | Okay this has to be the easiest tip of all.  If you have a sign or a poster or something of the sort which just isn’t Christmas-y but you have nothing to put in its place, cover it in wrapping paper!  Use ribbon and tie a bow to add another super cute touch!  Another option:  grab some empty boxes to wrap and stash around the house or under the tree for a simple festive touch.



Dollar store wreaths to die for | Grab a wreath and pick your poison.  Use ornaments, fake flowers, Christmas balls, ribbon, burlap, pinecones, whatever you can find to decorate these little wreaths to hang around the house.  Wreaths are great to hang over windows, over the TV/fireplace, on the door, wherever you have an open space!  Get creative with it and create something you love.

Sign me up & Let it snow | Yet another dollar store find…take a look at the signs they have in the dollar store!  You’d be surprised, they can actually be super cute.  Grab some sheets of snow from the dollar store while you’re at it for a wintery touch on your tables, bookshelves, and TV stand.

Poppin to the holidays | You see it in all the Hallmark movies – the popcorn string on the tree.  My freshman year in my little dorm, I strung popcorn for the first time with a little cup of hot cocoa and Hallmark movies on back to back.  It can be such a fun little holiday activity and can serve as a super cute decoration for garland or a tree to add a touch of classic décor.

Better with a bow | This little trick will bring some Christmas cheer to your kitchen!  The kitchen doesn’t have to be so tough to decorate.  Add ribbon to your cabinets and tie a bow for a simple, festive touch.  To save on some ribbon, cut your ribbon and tape them just inside the cabinet so you’re wrapping the inside of the cabinet.  Be sure to check the selection at the dollar store for some super cheap, cute ribbon!


When it comes to the tree | You can find 100 bulb strings for just $3 at Walmart.  Grab two things of 9ft ribbon from the dollar store while you check out ornaments.  This tree was on sale for just $20 from Target and we grabbed two packs of tinsel for $2 each.  If your tree looks a little sparse, be sure to fluff it out branch by branch and try adding some poinsettias to your tree for a unique touch to fill space.  Not too shabby if you ask me!


Worse comes to worse, pick your poison | You know what you don’t have that the Hallmark movies do?  A whole set and a generous decorating budget.  When it comes down to it, pick your favorite room, the main room, or the room in which you spend the most time and go all out in that room.  There’s nothing wrong with having one room that’s more Christmas-y than the rest!

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