Manifesting Your Reality

I’m sure we all have heard of visualization to create the world which you want to live.  You see it all over the place and it is the ultimate YouTube click bait.  What you don’t see as often is a real, honest how to.  You don’t just have a dream, wish it, then tomorrow open your eyes and all your dreams have come true.  This isn’t a Disney movie, this is real life.  So…then it must be bogus?  Also not true.

Let’s explore a different kind of process based off the Law of Attraction

Dream it

I’m going to picture this dream.  I’m going to fully visualize this dream as if it is reality.  I’m going to imagine what it will feel like when I’ve reached my goal.  I’ll picture the sounds, feelings, sights, smells, and taste of this dream when it has entered into my life.  I’ll think of what I’ll say and do and how I’ll act.  I’ll picture others congratulating me or thanking me for my work.  I will picture myself reflecting back on what it took to get me there in a roundabout way of planning how to achieve this goal.  This will give you the motivation you’ll later need in this process to do it.

Pray on it

THEN, not only am I going to visualize this dream, but I am going to pray it into fruition.  I’m going to ask God for the guidance and direction I need to pursue this dream.  I’m going to ask for the strength and wisdom to approach this dream.  I’m going to thank God in advance for this dream and sense of purpose.  Finally, I’m going to express gratitude for the accomplishment of this dream which I will achieve, trusting fully that the Lord can do anything for those who have unwavering faith and believing in myself that I have the power to do anything.

Do it

Fake it til you make it.  Work towards your goals.  Set mini goals to step closer to your overall goal.  You cannot manifest your reality without actively working to pursue it.  This is not life handing you everything you ever wanted.  You know the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?  Well you don’t just snap your fingers and have lemonade.  You have to boil the water, add sugar to dissolve, squeeze the lemon, and mix it all together.  God can give you the abilities and the skills you need to achieve anything, but He won’t do it for you.  You have to find the drive inside you to work the grind until you achieve your dreamed reality.

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