Tips to Making Better To Do Lists

Alright, let’s get straight to the point…we all have very busy lives.  We all have a lot of crap to get done.  As our lives get busier and our to do lists get longer, it can be super easy to lost sight of our priorities and get lost in our own to do lists.  These tips are meant to help you navigate your to do list planning to make the most of your time, keep your priorities in check, and be sure your getting everything done you need to get done!

to do list

  • Keep it short, sweet, and to the point | There is nothing worse than a long, daunting to do list.  If you’re writing it on your to do list, you know what it is.  Each entry should not be a paragraph long, complete with step-by-step instructions.  Use code words, short hand, and brief phrases to keep it concise.
  • Color code | Color coding your to do list according to priority, topics, or deadlines can help you organize your to do list to make the most of your time.  This is a great way to be sure your to do list doesn’t become cluttered with things that aren’t urgent causing you to lose track of more urgent tasks.
  • Write it in the morning | Write it when you wake up so you know what to expect for the day.  Also, try your best not to add to your to do list for the day.  If there’s something else that needs to be done, write it on a separate page to prepare for tomorrow.  You’ve already set your scopes for the day. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.
  • Make it attainable | When you’re writing your to do list, remember there are only 24 hours in the day.  Automatically nix 8 of those for sleep and 2 more for eating and miscellaneous things.  Don’t add too many things on your to do list.  When in doubt, undershoot it and if you accomplish more, great!  If not, no worries.
  • Set a deadline | Chances are not all the things on your to do list are going to be completed for today.  That’s okay!  Set deadlines for when you want things on your to do list to be completed.  Don’t just set the deadlines but stick to them!  This is the best way to ensure everything is done by when it needs to be done.

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