Netflix Series to Binge Watch

Labor Day Weekend Spent with Your TV Family

As an avid Netflix connoisseur who has dabbled in many series on the site, I am happy to bring you my top fave shows to binge watch for those Saturdays spent on the couch.  This labor day weekend, sit in the White House with Scandal, have a beer in the Cheers bar, take a stroll through Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls.  These are some must binge shows.  If you’re trying to tune in for just one episode, best of luck to ya!

netflix binge

  1. Scandal | This is my latest binge.  I didn’t jump on the Scandal train when it first came out and I’m not yet up to the current season but this suspenseful show is just enough to make politics actually interesting.  From affairs to murder, this show shines a light on back door politics in Washington, all made up, of course…but it sure does make you think sometimes!
  2. Friends | Alright, this is an old classic.  If you’ve yet to binge this one, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.  Its a great, friendly sitcom which is bound to make you laugh til you cry.  Which character do you resonate with?  Chandler and his dorky jokes?  Monica and her uptight OCD?  Ross and his nerdiness?  Watch the show and find out who you are!
  3. Cheers | This was what Friends became – the classic sitcom of friends just hanging out.  This time, they’re in a bar and there’s always something going on.  The characters will steal your heart as they sweep across your screen.  From Cliff’s quirkiness to Sam’s sexual escapades, this show is the best, lighthearted comedy on TV which spanned from 1982-1993.
  4. New Girl | The modern day sitcom that’ll have you cracking up.  If you liked Friends and Cheers, it’s time to graduate on to New Girl.  A beautiful, dorky elementary school teacher moves into an apartment with three very different guys…what could go wrong?  Each episode brings forth a new adventure which will reel you in and make you fall in love.
  5. Gilmore Girls | Join Lorelei and Rory Gilmore through their everyday lives in a small town.  Get sucked in as Rory moves through high school and on to college at some of the best schools.  Follow along through fights, loves, dates, and everything in-between.  This show will suck you in to be a part of the town of Stars Hollow and motivate you to study hard to be everything Rory will be.
  6. Young & Hungry | Another modern day sitcom, this one a little underrated.  Follow Gabby and Sophia as they make a mess of things and patch it all back together again on each episode.  If you’ve been through all the rest, this one won’t disappoint.

What’s your latest show to binge watch?  Let me know in the comments down below!

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