Creating a Workspace that Works for You

Feng Shui your Desk

Do you feel like you can’t focus at your desk?  Do you feel like the energy is off so you’re always stressed or anxious or unhappy when you sit down?  Do you feel like your desk is lacking inspiration?  This post is for YOU!  Let’s break down some feng shui for your workspace to enhance your energy going into your work.


Top Left: Abundance/Prosperity | Purple.  Put your coin jar and/or a plant to represent your growth, and wealth.  I put my coin jar, check book, philodendron plant, and my essential oil diffusor for focus and to inspire my abundant future.

Top Middle: Fame | Red.  This is an ideal spot for a lamp to shine light on accomplishments, both past and future.  Alternatively, put a diploma or a name plate here to recognize your accomplishments.  I put my Himalayan salt rock lamp here to shine brightly and bring positive energy to my room.

Top Right: Relationships | Pink.  Here put a photo of a strong relationship to remind you of the love in your life.  I have a photo of myself with my boyfriend here and an aloe plant arrangement to represent growth in this corner of my life.  The pot for my plant is also pink, which I’m pretty sure is the only color feng shui I have incorporated in my desk.

Middle Left: Family | Green.  Put a photo of your family to remind you of the support you have in your life.  I have a photo here of my sisters and myself because despite how much we fight and poke fun, they will always be there to depend on.

Center: Health | Yellow.  Leave this space empty, clean and clear to stay open for good health.

desk feng shui.PNG

Middle Right: Creativity | White.  Put writing utensils, art, or a journal here to get your creative juices flowing.  I have a cup of pens and pencils and I will be putting my journal here to inspire me in my work.

Front Left: Knowledge | Blue.  Have your books or notes here to inspire knowledge and keep resources at your fingertips.  I will keep textbooks and notes here for when I am studying so they are always on hand.  For right now, I have my calendar here so that I (hopefully) don’t lose track of deadlines.

Front Middle: Career | Black.  Keep your laptop here, front and center for work.  I try to always have my laptop here when I’m not in class.  Most important to note here, keep your laptop out of your bed!  Not only is it bad for the computer because it traps dust in the computer to be on top of blankets or pillows, but it also can affect your sleeping by causing your bed to be a stressful place instead of relaxing.

Front Right: Helpful People/Travel | Gray.  Put a small globe here to represent travel and keep your phone here to stay connected and have resources in other people for help whenever you need.  I have my phone charger right next to my desk to sit here when I plug it in to charge.  (Phone emoji is holding the place bc I’m taking the photo with my phone lol)

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