Starting a Blog

So you want to be a “blogger”. That’s awesome! Its such a fun way to be creative and get your thoughts out there. It’s also a really cool way to find your voice and be your own boss – whether it’s your main gig or your side hustle.  I sincerely believe that anyone can start a blog…but not everyone can be successful with blogging.  There’s much more to it than a simple post here and there – from coming up with topics to write about to coming up with a domain and styling your site.  Blogging is not for the faint of heart, at least not if you want it to look good.  Here, we’re going to begin to break down how to start a blog and make it everything you want it to be.  Let’s begin a series, Blogging 101 which will take you through all the steps to creating your own blog.


Before you even hit the computer, let’s get a few things sorted out…


Sort through your reasons for wanting to start a blog.  Perhaps you love writing and want a public space to put your writing out there.  Perhaps you’ve very passionate about something and want to share that passion with the world.  Perhaps you feel there is a gap in knowledge and want to educate and get your perspective out there on the topic.  Whatever the reason, be sure your intentions are pure.  Do you want to do it so you don’t have to work and because you think it’s an easy job? Don’t be mistaken, starting a blog is a lot of work and it takes commitment and time.  To start a successful blog takes years of consistency and finding your footing.  I am constantly making changes to my site to improve it and make it the best user experience possible, full of exciting and informative content.

If you’re looking to make this into a business or a professional blog, write out your mission statement and purpose and create a list of goals for your blog.  This ensures you’re going into the creation of this blog intentionally and mindfully.  You have a plan for this blog and it’s not just something you’re doing on a whim.  The mission statement and purpose reflect your reason for making this blog.  The mission states what you do and the purpose gives reasons why you do it.  Make your goals be attainable and realistic.  Don’t set hard deadlines on increasing following – allow following to accrue with time and effort.  Dedicate your goals to site improvement, content creation, and other things which you can physically work on.


What do you want to write about? Make a brainstorm list of topics that interest you and that you would like to write about.  Consider your skills, experiences, talents, abilities, and knowledge base to choose topics which reflect you as a person and interest you.  Find trends to come up with overarching headings for your blog.  Feeling lost?  Make a list of your interests and go from there.


Find your niche.  Find the place you belong in the blogging world.  Are you a small business looking to sell your product?  Are you a lifestyle blogger?  A beauty blogger?  A food blogger?  Whatever your niche, nail it down.  You want to find a little place where you belong to build community.

Be unique. In your niche, you need to bring something new to the table.  You need to fill some hole you feel this niche is lacking.  Perhaps it’s your writing style, your content, or a new perspective on topics already out there.  Whatever it is, just be sure you have something new.  No one wants to read the same old stuff over and over.  Finding what makes you unique will help you to stand out in an already saturated industry.


Make your site.  Come up with your domain name.  What do you want to be called.  Be unique so you’re easy to find but not so out of the air that people won’t know how to spell it.  I chose a really unique name inspired by my favorite movie and my initial purpose of this blog being my insight – a little play on words and I came up with medicallyblondesite.  Need help?  Write out a list of words that describe what you want the blog to be – how you want it to feel, how you want it to look, what inspired you to make the blog.  Play around with these words to make a domain name which reflects the blog itself.

Find your style.  How do you want the blog to look?  Consider images, color themes, site design and setup.  Decide what you want the blog to look like before you even jump onto a blog creator.  This will help you to go into the blog already knowing your style and will aid in consistency and setting it up once you get on the site.  I wish I had done this from the start because I went through so many themes and changes to get it the way I wanted it to while it was live.  This is not to say there’s anything wrong with changing the style once it is live, but it helps if you’ve got things pretty set up before you launch.

Best of luck as you hash out the details!

For the next post on Blogging 101, we’ll go through setting up your blog using a blog creator!  Be sure to check in on that as you embark on your blogging journey.  Want to know when this post is coming before anyone else?  Subscribe for email updates with the link below!  Not only will you receive weekly emails with post recaps and post lineups for the week, but you’ll also get life updates, yoga pose of the week, monthly intentions, and my workout schedule and meal plan for the week.

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