7 Lady Boss Habits to Revamp Your Life


  1. Wake up early | The early bird seriously does catch the worm.  It’s time to set your priorities, go to bed at a decent time, and get your ass out of bed before the sun.  Enjoy the sunrise for gosh sake!  Waking up early will not only jumpstart your day, but it will also make you more productive throughout your day.  Get out of bed and set yourself up for the day, and start crossing things off your to do list.  You’ll be surprised how much can be accomplished before 10 am.
  2. Find your margin and work with it | Where are you spending your time? Track yourself and how you pass your day. Make the most of your time.  Do you know that Americans spend more than 10 hours and 39 minutes each day with their nose in media devices (1)?  It’s time to sign out of Netflix, delete your social media from your phone, and put your nose somewhere else.  Focus.  Until you can overcome the addiction, you’re cut off.  (Yes, it’s hard. And you may end up cheating sometimes.  I’m doing this right now for the second time and I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t get any easier.  ALSO, little side: when your side hustle involves blogging, social media can have a strong influence on your success.  Do yourself a favor, set it in your schedule.  Allow yourself no more than an hour per day to like, comment, and post (or schedule your posts!) to up your engagement.  That’s it.  Then, you’ve got to stop.)
  3. Don’t let your health fall out of your priorities | You can’t be a lady boss when you aren’t respecting yourself and your body. Nourish your body right. Find time to exercise and I don’t mean settling for exercises you hate – find exercises you truly love and pursue them wholeheartedly.
  4. Invest in yourself | Now that I’ve shaken up your morning schedule, stripped you of your social media and Netflix, and forced you into eating healthy and exercising…I’m going after your finances.  Girl, I’ve been there with you on that shopping binge.  Amazon prime got the best of you?  Etsy breaking the bank?  Charlotte Russe restyling your wardrobe?  Cut the crap.  Invest in yourself!  Take extra classes at a nearby community college.  Buy your domain for your blog (I’m working on this one now!).  Spend a little money to get your hair done to boost your confidence and make you feel like the lady boss you are!  Whatever it is, make it an investment in yourself, your goals, and your future.
  5. Be your own inspiration | Stop fawning over that girl on Instagram who seems to have it all and she’s stunning and successful and has the perfect family. Good for her. But she’s not you. You are amazing and beautiful and totally capable of achieving whatever your heart desires.
  6. Nip those nasty habits in the butt | Alright we’ve all got our fair share of bad habits and guilty pleasures. Don’t let them run your life. Social media, Netflix, Kardashians, reading, etc. Pursuing your guilty pleasures will get you nowhere.  And yes, I’m repeating the thing about screen time with Netflix and social media because I know how that crap can suck you in.  (Still need to work on practicing what I preach, I confess…watching Netflix right now as I write.  Scandal is an amazing freaking show.  Do what I say and not what I do).
  7. Take some time to yourself | Step back and relax. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.  You have it in you to do amazing things.  It’s time you believe that and trust yourself.  You know what it takes to be a lady boss.  You know what you need to do.  So what’s stopping you?  If you hustle 24/7 chasing your dreams, you will burn yourself out before you even start.  Listen to your body.  Do you need a day away from the internet to just not post?  Give it to yourself!  No one knows your needs more than you.  Finally, don’t trust on material success for your happiness.  It will let you down every time.  Why are you chasing after these dreams, lady boss?  Changing paths and chasing a different dream doesn’t make you any less than a lady boss.

Too harsh?  Just the kick in the butt you need?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear your feedback, ladies.

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