Quick Frizzy Hair Fix

We’ve all been there.  Those days when there is absolutely no saving the mess that is on top of your head.  Here is your saving grace.  These do’s are quick and simple – perfect for that last minute SOS for your hair.  Check out my go to looks below.


Let’s start it off with the most complicated one.  Complicated only because you’ve got to work upside down – obviously.  Completely worth the blood rush to your head!  So, let’s begin.  Tip your head forward and slightly down and gather a small amount of hair at the nape of your neck.  French braid just as you would normally, adding small bits of hair as you go.  Where you stop depends on how high you want your bun to be.  When you’re getting close to your preferred height, braid that last bit without adding bits of hair, then gather the hair into a pony and twist it around.  Continue twisting into a bun and voila!


Alrighty, a bit easier but you’ve still got to know how to french braid.  Starting with the front of your hair on the side of your part, french braid along the side of your head.  When you get about 3/4 of the way to the back of your head, stop adding bits of hair and braid to the nape of the neck.  Next, gather the hair into a pony and throw it into a messy bun.  To loosen it up a bit, pull gently on the hair and through the braid.  Quick, cute, and easy..right?

Okay, time for the real easy part.  Just as above, grab the front bit of your hair and twist in an upward motion.  Add small sections of hair as you go and work your way to the back of your head.  About halfway back, stop adding more hair but continue twisting the hair to the back of the neck.  When you reach the back of the neck, pull your hair into a ponytail.  Pull the ponytail slightly back on the hair to loosen it. Above the ponytail, separate the hair in two.  Twist the rest of the ponytail up and through the middle.  For the first look, do not pull it all the way through; pull it half through and leave it.  For the second look, which is quite a bit neater, pull it all the way through and twist it into a neater bun.  Secure as needed with bobby pins to get the look you want!


If everything else was above your head, this one is sure to stick.  This is a great go to for when all else fails.  Pull your hair to the nape of your neck, twist it up and clip it up.  This is my go to for an everyday quick do.  I always have one of these big clips to throw it up when I need to get it off my neck or when it’s not cooperating with me.

If y’all have any questions or any trouble figuring out any of these looks, feel free to email me at medicallyblondesite@outlook.com.  I’m also considering a video to show you how to get these looks?  Let me know if that would be something you’d like to see to help explain the how to for these styles a bit better!

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