Book Review: “The Five Love Languages”

Book: “The Five Love Languages”

Author: Gary Chapman


Words Of Affirmation – providing meaningful compliments as simple as a compliment, a word of encouragement, or a humble and kind note

Quality Time – giving undivided attention to spend in the moment with your loved one; making time to give focused attention and quality conversation both speaking and listening

Receiving Gifts – giving some small token which lets your loved one know you’ve been thinking of them; provides a visual reminder of the love between a couple

Acts Of Service – helping your loved one with work which needs to be done to lighten their work and show you care

Physical Touch – interacting sensually and feeling the physical connection between yourself and your loved one; can be something as simple as a small kiss before you leave or a warm embrace or just touching their arm as they walk by


It should be a requirement that couples read this book and give it a shot before they are permitted to get divorced.  Or, better yet, they should be required to read this book when they get married or even when they start their relationship.  It should be a book assigned to everyone to read in high school before they’re even allowed to date.  Basically, everyone should read it.

This book teaches on the importance of showing your love to your partner in a way which is meaningful and impactful to them.  It draws to light why love sometimes may seem it has fizzled out after marriage.  In case it wasn’t already clear, I freakin love this book and I highly recommend it.

**Not in a relationship like me? It’s not just for married couples!  Gary Chapman has adapted this book so there is a copy for everyone.  Be sure to check out all the different topics to pick one out which is right for you!  (Links below to Amazon to grab your copy)

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