10 Cheap Summer Date Ideas


Live near a mountain? Lace up your hiking boots and get some exercise for the day.  Find a trail with a nice view to take a break at and you’ve got a sweet date plan with no effort.  Be sure to snap some pics along the way!


A classic date you can’t go wrong with.  Pack up a bag with all the essentials – a blanket, food, drinks, any utensils you may need – and you’re all set.  You can keep it simple with some PB&J or make it more meaningful and romantic with a home cooked meal, just don’t forget to throw in a heating pack or an ice pack as needed!


Who doesn’t love breakfast food?  Spend the morning cooking together and sit down to enjoy the meal.  Make a smorgasbord of the breakfast staples and enjoy the most important meal of the day with some quality conversation.

Baseball Game

Admittedly not the cheapest of the cheap date ideas, but worth it if you’ve got a baseball fan on your hands.  An all-American summer sport and an undeniable classic sport, it’s the perfect date for summer.


Lay out a blanket and unwind under the stars in the arms of your partner.  Talk about your day, the future, whatever you feel as you take in the best, natural wonder of the world.  Consider your location when planning this one though, find an open field to have the best view of the stars above.


A nice little sporty and lighthearted date.  Have some laughs as you find out who the best mini-golfer of the two of you really is.

Take a Walk

Got a dog? Kill two birds with one stone and take your dog on a walk and giving your partner attention at the same time! But in all seriousness, a walk is the perfect time to talk and get some exercise.  Check out some scenery in your town and be a tourist for the day.  See if there is any self-guided walking tour online, find a national park nearby, or just walk around your neighborhood!

Thrift Store Shopping

Head to a local thrift store and pick out outfits for one another!  Super lighthearted and fun, it’s a nice date to just enjoy each other’s company and share a laugh.


Summer is the season for fairs!  Go grab some cotton candy or funnel cake (or both!) and take a walk around.  Ride some rides and have some fun!


Spend some time together while giving back to your community!  Find a local shelter or charity which you feel passionate about and spend the day volunteering your time for a cause.  Not only will you get to spend time together but it’s a feel-good activity knowing that you used your time to help others.

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