DIY Wine-Cork Board

This super quick and cute project is the perfect touch to your room to pin up quick reminders or whatever you like.  In total the materials (excluding the wine corks) costed less than $15 from the dollar store and took less than 2 hours to make.  As if you needed an excuse to start religiously drinking wine, here one is!  Find out how to make it below!


First, gather your materials.  You’re going to need everything featured here, all of which I found at the dollar general.  Select whichever size and color frame you like to personalize it for your use.

Now, it’s time to use those shears and cut each of the wink corks in half.  Try to do it so there is a design or words on one or both sides for aesthetic.  Be sure to cut slowly and smoothly as some of the corks may begin to crumble if you just try to chop down.

Arrange all the cork pieces however you like and lay them all out before gluing anything into place.  When you get to the final edges, you may need to cut the corks into smaller pieces to fill the space you have such as I have done at the top edge.

Finally, glue each piece to its assigned spot and fill any noticeable gaps with leftover pieces of cork.


And Voilà! You’re done.  Super simple, cute, and an easy excuse to drink some extra wine. Enjoy!

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