Medically Blonde

A bit on my professional goals and current endeavors

I am a huge believer in following your dreams.  When I first hatch any idea, I tend to be super idealistic but when I decide to do something, I thoroughly plan it out.  After obsessive researching and forming plans on top of plans, I pursue what I want with a relentless determination.  I organize my ideas in terms of long-term goals and short-term goals along with a weekly agenda intended to help me achieve my many goals with each day.  So…as I sort through these plans in my head and reorganize (as I do each month), I decided to type out a few of my goals in the form of a blog post to share my crazy plans with the world.  You’re welcome, ha ha 🙂

Academic Goals
  • Finish editing my first publication and begin a second publication
  • Study abroad/research abroad next summer
  • Community-based research fellowship next year to expand my project to clinical translation
  • Honors thesis dissertation
Personal Goals
  • Film flows for youtube page to be launched in January (stay tuned!)
  • Expand presence on yoga instagram account
  • Yoga RYT200 Certification
  • Enter Miss Allegheny Valley & Miss Armstrong, Miss Southwestern Pennsylvania pageant (surprise!)

To me, goals help to maintain focus and show you what you are working for.  A lot of my goals are beyond what I could hope to achieve and push me beyond my comfort levels, but what’s more important to me is proving that I can work hard and chase my dreams – no matter how unrealistic they may be sometimes.  Even moreso, they help me to live life to the fullest and free of regret for not trying something I’ve dreamed of doing.

I challenge you to make a list.  Of all the things you want in life, all your goals, all the things you wish you had the guts to do, or even all the things on your bucket list.  Then, put the pen down or step away from the computer and do it, damn it!

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