New Year, New Sweaters

The light colors and unique shape as well as the super soft fabric and slightly cropped length make this sweater one of my new favorites. Admittedly, the sleeves do get in the way at times, but for just going out to the mall or outlets, it’s perfect!

Give the cold shoulder in this soft(ish), chunky sweater. While it may be a cut-out sweater, it is anything but cold. This sweater kept me super toasty with its high neck and thick material. The perfect sweater for any occasion this winter!

Another bulky sweater for your closet this winter. The edgy style with the zippers and choker neckline are ideal for the days your feeling a little feisty. Again perfect for any occasion this winter!

An oldie but a goodie. While this sweater in not new, it remains in my top favorites. I’ve had it for about four years now and I still wear it regularly. Very thin and simple and about three sizes too big (XL while I wear a S). Always good to keep an old sweater on hand you can just throw on and still rock for the days you just don’t feel like getting dressed.

The cutest cardigan to spice up a simple outfit. The faux suede is very soft and falls nicely on the body, wrinkle free (after sitting in my basket in a ball for about a week, still no wrinkles!).

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