Kiss my asana

Rarely in my practice do I do a complete flow.  I oftentimes jump from one place to another, and some days, I don’t even devote a certain time to my practice but instead I’ll simply jump into poses at random times in the day when I feel a whim to do so.  One of the most important things to remember when entering into your yoga practice is that it is your space.  You get the most out of your time on the mat when you do it the way you want to and work on the things you feel are important.  This is not to say that you needn’t have balance in your practice, because you should be sure to maintain a certain degree of stability and impartiality, however you should keep yourself in mind when planning what you do.  What do you want yoga to do for you?

Yoga is more than simply a physical workout; it incorporates all levels of health – physical, mental, and social.  Whether you take advantage of all the potential a yoga practice can offer is up to you and that is a huge part of what makes it so individualized.  As I mentioned, you have control over what you get out of your practice.  Enter with an open  mind and allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and failures, push yourself physically and test your abilities to improve, and try it with a friend to work on communication skills and the bond of your relationship.

The mental health benefits of yoga are infinite.  It is a time to work on yourself and permits clarity of the mind which you can carry into other areas of your life.  It’s also an aesthetically pleasing form of exercise – it’s sexy.  Seeing what you can do and how you look is a confidence boost to anyone willing to open themselves up to that aspect of the practice.  A dedicated practice can also enhance muscle tone for an overall lasting confidence you carry with you.

Mastering a new pose gives such a strong sense of accomplishment.  In the practice, you push yourself and explore what your body can do.  You try new things which can end with you landing flat on your face or pulling a muscle which takes days or even weeks to heal.  But when you finally master that pain in the ass pose that has been destroying your body, you feel victory.  You defied the natural anatomy of your body and taught it something new.  You feel satisfaction as your persistence, bravery, and strength have finally paid off.

Finally, acro yoga is an incredible yoga variety which can allow you to work on communication with a partner.  It is a hard practice and there is no getting around that, but without a clear line of communication, it is impossible.  The flyer has to trust their base and the base their flyer.  This trust is dependent upon their communication.  Alignment is a key factor in successfully trying a new pose.  Another key factor is balance.  Balance in itself is a challenge to most people, add in the fact that two people have to balance with one another is it’s in a whole other world.  The only way to achieve these concepts and find success is through communication – you have to tell your partner what you need them to do or if something does not feel right.  This helps prevent injury and enhances pose stability.

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