Kiss me, I’m ready

If you’re anything like me, the very second the weather cools down, your lips chap like crazy.  And let’s face it: there is nothing more unappealing than chapped lips.  Here are my top tips to keep those puckers nice and healthy.

  1. Hydration is key.  This is by far the best tip to maintain healthy lips.  Dehydration is one of the main causes of dry lips.  During the cooler months, it is less likely people will identify their dehydration as so.  During the summer, it is obvious when we are thirsty and we drink water often to stay cool, but in the winter you don’t have the heat to remind you to stay hydrated so be extra vigilent about ensuring you are drinking enough water for your body.
  2. Cover up.  God made scarves for a reason.  When going out in particularly nippy or windy weather, be sure to wrap a scarf around your neck and up to your face to cover your mouth and nose.  And, not only will this help prevent your lips from drying out, but it can also help to prevent windburn and exacerbation of illness during cold season.
  3. Vaseline.  I make it a part of my nightly routine to coat my lips in Vaseline before going to sleep.  This will allow for the Vaseline to soak into the skin overnight and nourish it undisturbed.
  4. Lip scrubs.  Finally, the skin on your lips is bound to die at some point so to help remove the dead skin, use a lip scrub once a week to freshen up.  I mix up a super simple one with honey and sugar that works wonders.  The honey allows for thickness that helps when rubbing the lips together while the sugar provides grit to help the skin loosen up for easy removal of the dead and drying epithelial cells on the skin’s surface.

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