Simple Day → Night Transformations

The ability to convert an outfit from a sheek day look to a hot night look increases it’s wearability exponentially.  A simple tip for any look is to start out with flats and spice up the look with a pair of chunky heels and a pair of statement earrings at night!

1 day   →   1 night

This top is by far one of my favorites for converting an outfit from a day look to a night look.  The zipper allows you to keep it conservative during the day and spice it up at night.  (Another option for a top like this is to have it untucked for a more conservative day look and tuck it in for the night to show off your curves.)  I also traded the flats for a chunky heel and threw on a choker to add some more edge to the look.  I love a stud earring for during the day and for the night, I traded out the studs for a moderate sized silver hoop and a small upper ear cuff.  Pin back the one side of your hair to show off your earings and you are all set to hit the town feeling spicey and fun!

2 day   →   2 night

For this conversion, I started out with some simple gold and sparkly jewelry, a pair of pointed-toe red flats for a pop of color, and hair pulled back for a sophisotcated, out-of-the-way look.  To switch this look up a hot night time style, trade out the flats for another pair of chunky heels, this time burgundy to maintain some color in the look.  Ditch the nice gold jewelry and throw on some simple gold bangles, let your hair down and you are ready to go!

5 day   →   5 night

This daytime look is perfect for meetings and easily converts into a sexy look to hit the town when you’re done.  The cotton blazer makes the look super sophisticated, yet is so comfy, it feels like a sweater.  Again, I wore a pair of pointed-toe flats for the daytime and traded them out for some chunky heels for the night look.  Throw on a pair of silver statement earrings and pull the top half of your hair back into a mini messy bun and you’re all set!

4 day   →   4 night

This final look is my favorite overall.  A black sweater tones down the strapless top for the daytime and for the night, it feels free and looks great.  Naturally, a pair of flats start out the look and are traded out for chunky heels later on.  Hair pulled back before you head out and a pair of simple, long, silver earrings complete the look.  Now it’s time to paint the town, or in my case: city, red!


If you’re looking to find any of the items pictured above, chances are you’ll find them at Charlotte Russe, my go-to place to get an outfit for any occasion!

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