Shray Facemask

I first found this product after signing up for the monthly Ipsy bag (which so far, I love).  I received two different types, Ms. Amazing (for sensitive, dry skin) and Queen Bee (redness soothing and acne treating).  Personally, my skin is naturally very red and blotchy and I break out regularly due to stress and anxiety, therefore the Queen Bee mask was perfect for me.

The product comes in a small, tear open bag.  When you open it, you then slide out the mask which is sort of like a paper towel soaked in liquids.  It is also on a this plastic sheet, which helps the mask avoid balling up.  You put the mask on, which is shaped for your face, and then peel the plastic off leaving the towel on your face.  After letting it sit for fifteen minutes, you peel off the towel and rub/pat your face dry with your (clean) hands.  What’s important is that you do not wipe the remaining product off your face, you let it sit and dry into your skin.

After using it, my face felt fresh and rejuvenated (and an extra bonus: it smells great!).  I decided to go ahead and purchase a box of masks, and a few uses later, I noticed a difference in the natural color of my face and the breakout I had at the time that I started cleared up.  It’s a little pricey, $30 for 5 masks, but thus far, I’d say it’s worth it.  Overall, I love the product, but I would definitely like to find a mask like this a bit cheaper seeing as how I am on a college budget.

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