Dollar Dorm Design


Having a room you love doesn’t have to break the bank.  It’s super simple to create your ideal room with a few items from the dollar store and some DIY projects.  Here’s how I did mine…

Last year, my room was decorated completely differently, from the layout to the actual decorations.  Towards the end of last year, I got really tired of how my room looked and it was no longer a relaxing, enjoyable place to hang out.  Therefore, I decided to switch things up.  Second year, I didn’t have as much financial help from parents for decorations so I had to keep things cheap.  I bought three wood pieces from AC Moore and painted them to be hung up as seen in the “coffee, tea, wine” decorations.  You can learn how I made the book shelf from two palates I saved from the trash in another post under the DIY category.  Above the bookshelf are four Dollar Store picture frames in which I put images from a book I used for another DIY project (deets on that project to come).  The desk I kept nice and simple with the essentials, a little decoration to remind me of my goals and my faith, and a small aloe plant because plants are supposed to help with anxiety and be calming (or something like that).  Finally, I got the wall decal, which happens to be one of my favorite quotes, from the dollar store.  It isn’t much, but it’s home for the next year and I love it!


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