DIY Pallet Book Shelf


Forewarning: This project was a lot harder than it looks.

I first came up with the idea because I wanted to decorate my dorm at college differently this year than I did last.  I thought a bookshelf would be so fitting for my new room but I didn’t want to spend the money.  I had seen a lot of wine rack ideas for pallets on pinterest and I thought, “If you can make a wine rack out of a pallet, why not a bookshelf?”  I salvaged two pallets from the trash, took them home, and leaned them up against my house…where they sat for the next few weeks/months…  Finally, the week before I was to leave for school, my dad agreed to help me and we got to work.

The pallet tinted black was a little smaller than the other so we used that as our basic frame (hoping that it would fit in the car with all my stuff to go back to Pitt).  First, we used a hammer to hit and pry off the extra back pieces of the pallet.  With the other pallet, we used the end pieces of wood for shelves.  Because of the divide in the center of the palate, we had to make four separate shelves.  I measured the pieces, to the nearest eighth inch and my dad cut them out using a circular saw.  After we had all the shelves cut, we moved to the bottom, we decided to use three pieces of wood that would lie perpendicular to the bottom of the bookshelf.  This was the most stable way for the bookshelf to stand, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it easily tipping over.  For the top piece, we found a random piece of wood we had and my dad cut it down to size.  All the shelves and the top was sanded smooth and it was ready to be put together, finally the east part…or so I thought.  Because the base is a pallet, it is highly imperfect.  We used more of the spare wood to make wood fixings so that the shelves layed flat.  This was the hardest part because all the pieces had to be the perfect size to get the shelves to lay as flat as possible.  I used wood glue to fix all the pieces in to place and then #6 1 1/2 inch screws (which I went to Lowe’s three times to get because I kept getting the wrong thing, not understanding the number 6 was the width of the screw and we did not want  2 1/2 inch screws because that would increase the likelihood of going straight through the back of the pallet when screwing them in).  The final step was to spray paint it and it was finally finished

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